You know little or nothing about me, but you may have cursed me a lot. You cursed me for being stupid, you cursed my existence, you cursed me for not doing what you expected of me. But i tell you, if you were in my shoes on that fateful day, you’d have done same.


“In all of that community was there not a voice of sanity?” i tell you there was, for i was there, i watched the whole event unfold, i watched the lives of four promising young men go to waste. I watched in silent agony.


I was that voice of sanity, but it’s too much of you to ask me to speak, in a community of angry blood hungry people. And i am quite sure a good number of you would mock me for opening my mouth. You’d have said things like why didn’t that last one keep his mouth shut? That one wanted to form Nelson Mandela sha…? How did he expect to stop them alone? Why him no go call police? Why? why? why? And follow up comments like… The mumu just die for nothing, that one wan form Jesus Christ.


Maybe I’d have gotten so much attention that you’d have missed the point completely, the point that the Nigerian legal system is bad, that jungle justice is so centuries ago. From the looks of things you are missing the point already. For nothing is being done to avert future occurrences.


In fact just as those villagers lynched those men, you have lynched me too, you have judged me from afar and concluded that I’m as guilty as hell. Some of you even said i should be caught and killed, even without a fair hearing. Yet you open your mouths and talk about mob justice. Aren’t you just as guilty? Yet you go about judging people because they sin differently than you do. Maybe #aluu5 would have been a better twitter trend, is that what you think?


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