religious leaders.

Trust me when i say i am not vying for the not so coveted position of the antichrist. I am also not an atheist.

Having said that, I’d also like to point out that i am not trying to say religion is bad, neither am i saying it is good. Religion is a tool in the hands of mankind and like every other tool it’s outcome depends on the user.

 Just as guns kill people, so do spoons also kill people. People have been quick to point out that guns are bad, but nobody has pointed out that spoons are evil. If you don’t get that, stop reading now, sincerely.

 Religious leaders repress their followers, making them earthly useless, while promising them some kind of reward when they die. I refuse to debate the truth behind these claims however i question the numbing of the minds of people. Making them see life as not worth living while their leaders loot away the little they have.

 They keep their followers busy with illusory enemies, hindering them from being productive for themselves those around them and the world at large.

 They tell them to go about chanting and performing some kind of ritual when faced with a problem, when actually some realistic steps could be taken to solve the problem.

 Religious leaders knowing how much influence they have over their followers, feed the minds of their followers with empty promises, making zombies out of them every week.

 Religious leaders know certain truths that they won’t share with their followers because according to them “it’s for the greater good”

 Religious leaders manipulate the minds of followers with ill quoted scriptures, well misinterpreted to mean whatever they want it to mean.

 Religious leaders preach only the part of the scriptures that favours them leaving the other parts to rot away.

 If it were mere power that religious leaders had over their followers I’d see no reason to complain for power does not corrupt in the real sense, power only tends to corrupt and when it does it only corrupts those who had the capacity to be corrupt.

 But what most religious authorities have is absolute power, and absolute power, corrupts absolutely, irrespective of circumstance, you just have to be human for absolute power to corrupt you. Did i just say that most religious leaders are corrupt, read again.

 Religious authorities have abused power, abused human rights time and time and again.

 Remember a certain Bishop’s slapping of a girl he claimed was a witch. And in his reply he said, “it is my ministry to slap” ha also added that if he saw another he’d do same. Like seriously.  What makes that incident sad is that a god number of his followers didn’t see what was wrong with that. There’s nothing wrong in admitting you made a mistake.

The you tube video that went viral of a pastor sleeping with a woman to get her pregnant. Seriously what the hell was that.

 And we could not have in such time forgotten REV. KING have we.

If you are one of those faithfuls and all you want to do right now is bind the evil spirit out of me, or maybe even kill me, then you have missed the point completely.

 Not to worry I’d be nice enough to put you back on track. The issue here is not just one of me wanting to slander our religious leaders. It is one of me wanting to call them to order, making them to see that they have missed the point, for crying out loud, Jesus healed the sick, raised the dead, he fed the hungry, he performed so many miracles, trust me if he wanted to be crazily wealthy or ‘oh my God rich’ as a friend would put it he would have been, but he knew the many temptations that lay within, and he chose to not thread that part.

 Do you think he did not get offers from kings and the likes, trust me, he must have, he knew he just had to keep it low, be as humble as possible, i’m not asking our pastors to be extremely pious but i’m saying that being extravagant sure isn’t the way. And so is slapping ‘witches’ out of people. If you’ve got that much anointing try slapping greed out of our leaders.

 For one they are setting a bad example for those who look up to them, and they are making it look like a shortcut to riches, if this continues, future generations would lose faith in religion. And when that happens, …



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