in the hands of a mob

It was about 6:30 p.m. It was drizzly and vision was poor. He was driving on his way back from work. It had been quite a long day and he wanted to see his beautiful wife, his two kids, have a bath, eat dinner and go to sleep. He worked quite far from home, so even after driving for a while, he still had distance to cover.

He was taking it slow as the rains had impaired vision. A biker came up from behind him, he had a raincoat on. Another motorcycle breezed past him. This motorcycle was moving at a higher speed, even with the full weight of the rider and the passneger, coupled with the bad weather.

Suddenly there was a collision, the one with the passenger had hit the other one. The one that was hit managed to move along after a slight wobble. The offending rider crashed to the ground along with his passenger. The man in the car saw this happen, he parked some distance away, and hurried to the scene. The passenger was a woman, she was terribly injured, the rider, was almost dead, having lost so much blood from his fractured skull. He tried to get help…


In a few minutes a crowd had gathered. Most of them bike riders. A voice from the crowd spoke, “the man in the car hit the woman and the okada“.

His heart skipped a beat, then another. He tried to utter words of defence, but they wouldn’t fall out of his mouth. He only wanted to help, but now fate has changed it on his head. This people are always ready to fight for their own, to think about what they’d do to him at that moment scared the hell out of him. He had heard stories of angry mobs, lynching people, setting thieves, kidnappers and murderers ablaze. Was this how his end was to come, in the hands of an angry mob. He was terrified…


Imagine walking along the road, like somewhere in yaba, or computer village ikeja, or ojuelegba, or some place like that, and somebody accuses you of something, like shouts thief on your head. You’ll never know until that happens to you. You’ll never know. Okay maybe not you, but somebody you know, the victim of a mob lynch.

Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers.

Whoever said a mob was mindless got it wrong.

A mob is far from mindless, a mob has one mind, one voice, only stupid.


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