the big thief vs the small thief

Corruption in nigeria is no longer news, it’s something we have found a way to live with. We hear news of how billions of dollars are carted away into swiss accounts. We read of giant acquisitions by government officials within and outside the country. After their tenures, these government officials are probed, some cases make their way to court, these cases are elongated so much we get bored of hearing about them. One or two are found guilty, they return some of the profits they have made to the government. They pay some other fees, then they continue living their lives.

Those are the big thieves. They are the ones that have shares in the largest companies in the country. They get the national merit awards on grounds i can’t understand. They are the big thieves.

There is another group -of thieves. They steal items worth almost nothing to one million naira. I’m not saying that stealing one, two or even ten million naira makes you a big thief, i’m saying that you might just not suffer the fate of the small thief. So you might ask what kind of thief are you then? Well let’s just say, “you are a thief”.

The small thief steals to survive, unlike the big thief who steals for pleasure and greed. The small thief steals items he needs, unlike the big thief who steals what he might never make use of. The small thief steals from one, the big thief steals from millions of people. When the small thief goes to steal he only kills those who challenge him, the big thief however kills those he steals from, though he might claim to not know it. The small thief honestly wishes he had an option, the big thief believes he has found the best option.

Then one day, the small thief is caught. It all starts when an alarm is raised, and people start pointing and shouting thief! Thief!! Thief!!! He looks around and on seeing that the chorus is for him, take to his heels. When he is lucky, he escapes. You know that saying, “everyday is for the thief and one day is fro the owner”, it was made for the small thief. So let us just say that this day was for the owner. The small thief gets caught, and everybody who had ever in their life had one item or another stolen from them by a thief -big or small, would gather and take it out on this thief. This poor small thief, who only acted out of desperate necessity. That is the small thief. He could be lynched by the mob, or taken to a court. Where he is sentenced. Sometimes to death, or years of imprisonment. That is the fate of the small thief. The big thief just hung him.


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