A necessary evil.

Having well lambasted Christian Private Universities for being outrageously expensive, i find it necessary to express my views on what could be a flip side to that coin.

They have been alleged, to be built on the sweats of members of congregations, and yet so expensive that over 80% of these congregations can’t afford them.

In this article, i choose to see their outrageous costs as a necessary evil, needed if we are to transform education, i.e tertiary education in Nigeria.

Before you hang me here is what i have to say. I see a future where there is an increase in the number of private universities, christian, islamic, secular.

The universities are well accredited to offer the courses they choose to offer and the schools are well attended. This leads to a considerable drop in tuition fees due to increased competition and increased attendance.

Now you can shoot me, but don’t you see that happening. So in the end the high cost of tuition will only be a thing of the moment. In the end more people are able to attend private universities with a hope of quality education.

Special thanks though to those currently attending those universities and paying those exhorbitant fees. Also to the members of congregations who may or may not know that the universities are built on their sweats, but are sure they cannot afford it for now at least, until my prophecy plays out.


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