the lonely traveller

He must have cursed the man who directed him to take this route because it was shorter. Perhaps it was shorter, but it was way too lonely. The narrow path snaked along, deeper and deeper in to the forest. He couldn’t tell if it was night fall already, or it was just the thick canopy of leaves blocking out the sunlight. And if it was night, there is supposed to be a full moon, that could be of help, but then again, the canopy of leaves above him.

He was terrified to say the least. He had walked for hours through what was supposed to be a short cut, he heard occasional sounds of animals, rustling of leaves, if there was anything like an evil forest, this must be it.

He thought about the tragedy of dying in this forest. Was he to die of exhaustion, or to be devoured by nocturnal beasts, cleaned up by hyenas and vultures, and the rest of his carcass left to decompose. How his family and friends would try to find him of which he was sure would be in vain.

“No!” He said to himself, “i would not end up like this”. He started running until he could feel his heart knock against his chest, but he could only run for so long, he slowed down to just jogging, and then speed walking, then finally had to give up, as all he could do now was walk.

Along the path, there was something that looked like a sac form afar, beside a tree, one of the bottom dwellers, not as tall as the others. He got closer only to realize it was a boy who appeared to be sobbing.

He stopped, bent over the child, and asked, “little boy what is the problem”, the little boy, said nothing, made not gesture, but just continued to be doing what appeared to be sobbing. He put his hand on the boys head tilted it backwards so he could see have a look at his face, in all of that darkness, with the little light that filtered through the thick canopy of the rain forest he saw that the boy had no face.

He quick ly let the head go, retorted quickly, managed to not fall, and then took to his heels, this time faster than before. He ran for almost an hour more when he saw light, that seemed to come from a lantern. The type that school gate keeper used. He knew the school gate keeper well and hoped for heavens sake that it would be him.

As he got closer to him he shouted, “stop!” “help me!” the man with the lantern stopped. And turned around facing him, waiting for him to get closer.

On getting close, the man with the lamp raised the lamp to see his face, and to the travelers shock, the man he thought was the school gate keeper, was also faceless…


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