A shocker for Christmas.

I woke up to a shocking discovery this morning. I realized that I’m actually old. Well that’s what you get from not celebrating birthdays.
It all started when i realized that i no longer enjoyed Christmas as much as i used to when i was younger. Then, September ushered in a feeling of anxiousness; i began counting the weeks till Christmas, until it was December, when i counted the days.
And when Christmas finally came, it was totally exhilarating, (…and i shall look up that word right now, I’d be back in a moment). Ok we are good, so exhilarating it used to be, until it became less and less of that and now i don’t even know what it is anymore. In fact i even began to feel sorry for the younger generation, thinking about how they never had the kind of Christmas i had.
My original thoughts were that the whole season actually got drab over the years, as everyone got tired of doing the same old thing over and over again. Well until a certain sister of mine got me to realize that only people like me felt that way, the younger generation still enjoyed it.
And it dawned upon me that, alas i have come of age, when the whole exhilarating experience that Christmas brought along now seemed juvenile. Well finally i saw it through the mind of a child and i realized that Christmas had actually not changed, if it did it actually got better. So the fault is with me, I’m now old, and that’s shocking. Next time I’d learn to celebrate my birthdays more often, so as to keep tab on my aging.


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