Dreaming in 3D

If you have ever made any plans you’d realize that planning seems like playing chess, you see every piece from above and you keep tabs on your moves. Everything looks good. Then we go on to execute our plans which turn out as they may.
For short term plans it works pretty well.

However, those long term plans that we make have an ability to make us weary, in time. We forget about our goals, all we see are obstacles and quitting seems juicy, for a number of reasons.

Firstly, because we lose focus on our dream, aim, destination, target.  All we see are the many obstacles that line our path.

Secondly, we do not see how far we have come, how close we are to achieving our dreams then we quit. Remember Florence Chadwick, that woman who tried to cross the English Channel, but failed at first attempt, when she was interviewed after her first attempt, she said, “if only i knew how close i was to the other side, maybe I’d have finished it”. Poor she, anyway after realizing that she went on to cross the English Channel on a second attempt.
Moral of the story, is taking time to re-dream, in 3D, where you get a bird’s eye view of your position and your destination, helps clear your head of the many troubles you see when you are on the ground with a 2D view of the scenario.
Secondly, it gives you a better view of how close you are to your dream, letting you know that as time passes by; quitting becomes less of an option.
Best part is, you don’t need to put on those miserable 3D goggles to enjoy this view.


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