Religion, thou art…

I am no atheist i have to make this clear. I believe there is a God, let’s leave it at that. I like Christians, i like the Bible and i like church. True Islam is beautiful, atheism is said to be illuminating, and I do not dispute that. Point is i love everybody and every religion or lifestyle that preaches peace, love of others and one’s self. The acknowledgement of a higher authority, be it nature, God, forces, the stars whatever they choose, is optional.

Whether i chose Christianity or Christianity chose me, is a topic for another day, so I’d just say that i find favour in Christianity. I like the one God idea, i don’t dispute the trinity, i believe it is a mystery and it would do us good to live it at that. The idea that somebody came and died for the sins of all humanity sounds good to me, and the principles of the bible appeal to me.

Principles such as;

  • Do unto others as you’d have them do unto you.
  • Love your God, but first love your neighbor.
  • Pray without ceasing. (without putting an exact number to it)
  • Ask and you shall receive
  • Seek and you shall find
  • Knock and the doors shall be open

Those and many others seem like good principles upon which one’s life can be based.

I have found a few areas of disagreement though, but i choose to believe that, the conflict arises not from the bible itself but from the misinterpretation of people, and/or my perception of their interpretations.
I am not going to state that the bible is infallible, I’m quite sure that i one looks closely enough, one would be lucky enough to find some parts that could use a little straightening out.

So why am i saying this entire story, here it is; there’s been a shift. Time was when those that preached the gospel, did so selflessly. It was done out of their selfless understanding of the scriptures, in a way that would leave you yearning to be a better person.
Time was when the gospel was preached so we could be good to others.
Time was when the gospel was preached so we could refrain from evil acts.
Time was when the gospel went a long way into curbing our excesses.
Time was…

Then something happened, something that should not have happened, the preacher got power, power that was willfully given to him by those he preached to. They became too lazy and weak to find their own way in the midst of all the confusion, the world presented. They no longer sought advice from the preachers, but went asking for instructions and orders.

Well power corrupts those who have the tendency to get corrupt, and so our selfless preachers saw a gold mine and went a-mining. Walk into a church today and you hear the pastor talking about how you must sow into the house of the lord, how you must take care of you spiritual strong man, how you must bring and keep bringing into the store house of the lord, and those other quotes that they can use to buttress their pockets. What happened to the good old days when Christianity was selfless and preachers practiced what they preached?


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