Write to live

*war drums in background*
*war trumpet blows*
*commander speaks*
Our gathering here today is no child’s play; we have not come just to stare at the illuminated screens of our gadgets, but to receive some admonishing. Admonishing that should last a lifetime, all the while spurring us to victory as we go to war against the elements of life.All life they say is warfare and the time has come for us to go to war. War is not new to us, we have heard of many wars fought in distant lands.

Today we go to war against a different kind of enemy. An enemy that has troubled us since the days we evacuated our mothers’ wombs. Today we go to war against ourselves. We go to war against our fears, we go to war against our anxieties, we go to war against whatever matters trouble our minds. Today we look them in the eye, and give them the treatment they have been asking for.
I say to you this day, pick up the most potent of your weapons, a pen and a paper. Feel free to generously pour out the contents of your heart, how it feels inside, feel free to talk to the paper, rest assured it won’t ask you any questions as you write. For it only listens.
It only by laying out the matters that troubles us, that we come one step to handling them, lest they usurp our powers from us and take control of our lives.

You need not any special form of inspiration, our any drugs to get you high and writing, all you need is a troubled mind, which we all have some form of. Put your troubled mind to use, pour out its content, look at them and see how you feel inside.
In other words, everyman should write, every man should write for a living, rather write to live and live to write. No matter how poorly, no matter how bad, every man should write, at least for himself. Keep a memoir, a diary, whatever you choose just write. You’ll be glad you did.


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