That don’t impress me much

One of the few things that made it to my hate list is, the idea of people trying to impress me. Especially when it involves trying so hard, and waiting for me to show my appreciation and reciprocate. sincerely, that looks more like a contract to me.

I don’t exactly enjoy the idea of somebody trying to impress me because, i get this feeling that this person is making all that effort only because i’m there, or for some eye service.

Secondly, i’m afraid i’d have to burst their bubble when i refuse to show any appreciation as i usually do. Especially when it is obvious that this person was trying so hard.

Thirdly, if you ever find yourself in a position where you’d have to try so hard to impress me, then you don’t have to make any more effort, for indeed i am already impressed by you. Just don’t ask how.

Also, if we were actually to play the game of you trying to impress me, i doubt if you’d ever succeed, because seriously, when it comes to making effort to impress me, nobody actually gets it, so i think the world should save itself the stress.

Another reason i just remembered is that when someone tries to impress me, it’s only normal that they expect me to reciprocate, and it now looks so much like a contract, which then becomes a problem, when i fail to.

So the next time you try to impress me and i don’t look like i appreciate it, don’t take it too personally, i actually do appreciate it, however i’d appreciate it more if you weren’t trying so hard and it just came naturally. #okbye


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