best laid plans

The day finally arrived, as much ground work as possible had been covered, there were a few hiccups, hiccups that got fixed as time went on. Everything was going smoothly, all we had to do was maintain the balance, keep the whole structure up, until 4p.m.

That didn’t seem like much, until we needed a cable to transmit the sound from the laptop to the speakers for the movie which was to be projected. The D.J had none we could use, the only one he had was short, very short and was already being used for the microphones, we were about to get screwed. We began looking for solutions, ideas popped out of everywhere and nowhere, we could not afford to let this hold us back. Quickly, somebody was sent out to get one, a long cord, that would transmit the sound.

He returned, with the similar short cord, and a long piece of wire, he intended to cut the cord in half and join the the cut ends of the cord to both ends of the wire to make it longer. I hoped his magic would work. He startedthe procedure, few minutes later he was done, he tested the experiment, it failed, he made a few tweaks, and tested again, it failed again, he made several more tweaks, and tested after each one, they all failed. We were doomed. It couldn’t get any worse,… Or so i thought.

Finally i suggested we brought the sound equipment close to the laptop so we could use the cord that was being used for the microphone, that looked like a good idea, but nobody else thought so. After much convincing and trying make them see that it was our only chance they agreed, my experiment was performed, it was about to start working, when all of a sudden there was no power.

Nothing was working, no sound, no video, no power to the laptop, nothing. We must have tripped it as we moved the sound equipment, or maybe not. We connected and disconnected and reconnected and nothing was going to work. Now it was certain, we were doomed and it couldn’t get any worse. Stress hormones were flying everywhere. Everyone was about to lose it.

Thirty long minutes later, the problem was rectified, the socket had blown, we had to find an alternative, which we did, power was restored, so was calm, the audio cable was now working, and voila the program continued.

A few lessons were learnt however; lessons such as
Things never go as planned.
Unforseen contingencies are everywhere waiting to pop out.
It would do you good to expect a problem or two.


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