when life hands you limes,…

When life hands you lemons, you make lemonades. A good number of people succeed at that. You read about their success stories in books and magazines. I duff my hat for them.

My story is a little different, after evacuating my mothers womb, i searched for my own lemons, so as to make lemonades. But i couldn’t find them. I was enthusiastic, to get the lemonades made, i wanted to be done with it as soon as possible.

However, i couldn’t find any, life gave me no lemons. Instead i found around the corner, a number of smaller fruits. I think they were limes, yeah, life gave me limes.

If i was going to get the lemonades made, i had a longer distance to cover, indeed my enthusiasm was dampened. But not to worry, with my fighting spirit, the only way to go was up, which i did.

Not that, there were no downs, there were lots of them, so many downs, that i considered quitting a good number of times.

But not to worry, i made it finally. But this write up is not for you, you probably had lemons or even lemonades handed to you at birth. This write up is for those like me, who got limes instead of lemonades, those ones who feel life has been unfair to them and decide to sit back and expect pity form those who had lemons or even lemonades at birth.

Those ones who expect the world to be at their mercy, those ones who think the world owes them everything. Honestly, the world owes you nothing. You are not entitled to anything. Even those that deserve what they want don’t usually get it, so if you want it, you better get your lazy ass off the floor and go a-getting.


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