why people run to the Devil

Why do people run to the devil? Because God won’t help. At least not on your own terms. When he does help, he does what he wants to do, when he wants to, how he wants to.

The devil, however, agrees to your terms, sticks to your time and grants what you desire, for a fee of a part of your soul of course.

If i had dark powers and i could do a little of black magic, just little, today would have been a very wonderful day for me. But since i hadn’t any dark powers and i couldn’t do any black magic, it wasn’t.

Have you ever started preparing for an exam knowing fully well that no matter how much you prepared, you were not going to pass. You study so hard, up until the exam day and you don’t even feel at all prepared.

You walk into the exam hall clueless as ever. All the words in the questions don’t ring any bell. When a good amount of what you read fails to show up in the test.

You come out and look for sharp ways to bribe God. You start singing ..Father we declare, that we love you, we declare our everlasting love for you…’

You start making promises to God in hope that you’d pass.

But most certainly, a lack of preparation on your path does not constitute an emergency for God. That is not to say that you did not prepare,… And definitely God does not work that way,

The devil, however, does, and at times like this he looks like a very good option. You’d wish for dark powers, so you could sit on your seat in the exam hall, while your soul went around, looking at the work of brainees and returning to report to you, so you could answer your own questions, or telepathic powers that’d allow you think and see like those “smarties”, so you’d look into their heads, and pick out what they knew.

Or dark magic, that could let you hover around and get the questions so you could go through them before the exam starts.

Times like this make the devil look promising, but we all know the devil and his mischief, he gives you one in exchange for ten. So i think my best bet is to go and study some more, hopefully score high enough to pass the next pharmacology incourse test, and make up for my previous low scores.


8 thoughts on “why people run to the Devil

  1. I now understand what u mean,my son. I was dazed when I saw the heading initially but haven gone thru it I’m happy we are saying the same thing.Nothing works like hard work and the devil has nothing to offer us. Remain blessed.

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