Daydreams and Nightmares

The near future looks good, at least in my reveries. I am a man of simple desires, I do not ask for too much of the future. I picture a time when all these would be over, when I’d no longer have any need to study so hard. I’d awake only to have nothing to do. I’d no longer have to pull all nighters. I envisage a time when I could afford to be useless.

A time when I’d wake up roam around, purposelessly only to return to sleep. Three weeks from now and exams would begin, two weeks later and it’d be all over.  As for now however, my nights have been terrifying. Most nights as I try to sleep, I feel this mini heart attack at the thought of how much ground I have to cover. Other nights I see myself seated in an exam hall, as I get question papers served to me, I stare clueless at the questions and all I see is Greek. I quickly awake from my slumber and start studying or “smoking weed” as a friend would put it.

As I try so hard to put myself to sleep, so I can stay up for most of the night, I feel frustrated that my efforts seem futile. But then the journey continues,… the journey of daydreams and nightmares.


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