Tomorrow never came

It’s been exactly 7654 days since I was born, looking backing I realize that in haven’t really taken the time to live life. By “live life”, I mean taking time to really do the things I really want to do. I’ve spent most of my days looking forward to the next big thing. In hopes that after that I’d be able to really live life.
I’ve witnessed 2 millennia, 3 decades, and 2 centuries. I’ve witnessed a solar eclipse, though partial. there have been quite a number of earthquakes on the planet since I first set foot on it, there’s been hurricanes and volcanoes, although no comets have been reported since. There’s been several rumours about the world coming to an end, though apparently none of them has been true.
My whole has had a bit of adventure in it, apart from which everything else is just a series of dreary escapades. It’s been fun to be alive, it feels good to know that I breathe, eat, feel, think, move, live and that one day would die. It feels good to know that I’m affected by my environment and that I too can affect that environment in many possible ways.
A sad twist to it though is that I have never really lived a full second of my life. I go on looking forward to the next second, the next minute, hour, day, week, month, year. I look forward to the next moment, the next event, the next stage, hoping for better experience and not enjoying the present. I live my life hoping for a better future, looking forward to a tomorrow when everything is perfect. Quite sadly, that tomorrow never comes.
Looking back, I see that it has been like this for as long as I could remember. from my childhood days, I promised myself, I was going to live life, I just had to be done with primary school. When I was done I felt I was still too young, that life should begin at ten. I turned ten, and I thought living would be more interesting when I became a teenager. Well, I became a teenager, and I said don’t worry you’d soon be an adult, and then you’d live life to the fullest, with no limits. Now all I can think of is finishing with med school, and I’ve promised myself, that I’d start living.
If that is anything to to by, I’m quite certain, when I graduate, I’d say to myself, when I become a junior reg I’d start living, and later I’d say when I become a senior reg, when I become a consultant, the kids are young when they become older, when the kids go off to college, when I retire, when I’m done working on this last project,…
And that’s how it goes on, until one day, I find myself, nailed, in a box, six feet down, as I levitate, I wonder what my life would have been like, how different it would have been, if I had taken a second to live. If I had stopped to smell the roses, to laugh, to live and to love. i stop at the golden gates and i hear an angel say, “I see you were a doctor, what else did you do?” My response is a quick “nothing else.” He asks, “why?” i search for answers, then i mutter the words, “tomorrow never came.”


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