Elchyko for president

If I woke up one morning and i was president of Nigeria and my tenure was one week, what would I do? Let me see. There’s not much time so a good number of my actions would be drastic.
The biggest problem facing Nigeria today is power, little wonder why it would receive the bulk of my initial attention. As a rule I’d not set up a committee, because they’ll only go on to set up sub committees, that would set up ad hoc committees that wouldn’t get the job done. And on questioning they’d just start pointing fingers. I don’t want that, so I’d just do the job myself.
Before that however I’d ban the export of crude oil, indefinitely. Then on power it is not news that Nigeria has what it takes to harness solar power especially in the north, so there’d be plenty of solar and wind farming in those regions. Why solar and wind? Well I’m a clean energy freak.
Solar and wind energy however, can only go so far, providing about 25 percent of the demand if we’ll harnessed. Hydrothermal power would still have to account for about 60 to 75 percent of total demand. I’d set up 5 more plants in strategic locations to boost the ones we have now. Biogas plants would be created to add to the production, while helping to keep the environment clean.
Nigeria is a high consuming country, most of the goods we consume we don’t produce which is not healthy for our economy. To solve that problem, every item with a local substitute would no longer be imported. Those with no local substitute, but that can easily be produced locally under the right conditions would have their conditions met and when production starts importation stops. The final category however of those that would take up to a year or more to start production in Nigeria like cars and computers would commence assembly in Nigeria. So companies like Hewlett Packard, Samsung and Toyota would no longer be allowed to import whole cars and computers instead they’d set up assembly plants, import their parts and assemble them here, with five years to commence production in Nigeria or they risk being sent packing. This helps provide jobs for Nigerians.
Education is another big issue. I have never believed so much in free education for two reasons; good things don’t come cheap, secondly there’s a question of continuity. However I believe in affordable, quality education and I think Nigerians deserve that. Schools all over the country shall be standardized to meet a certain requirement, more schools added, in primary, secondary and tertiary levels.
Cost of governance. There are so many offices and officers that do not need be. For one they duplicate their duties and cause unnecessary bureaucracy. This makes governance clumsy, ineffective and expensive. Such offices shall be merged and unnecessary ones eliminated.
Corruption is quite a problem, a big one at that and I see little reason why a convicted corrupt officer should be pardoned and allowed to run for senate. I see no reason why corrupt ex officials should be walking freely. I think they deserve a place behind bars, ten years minimum. Those dilapidated refineries need to be given a boost, not a face lift, a boost, new ones constructed and let me see how we would not be able to produce enough petroleum products for our need and even export to neighbouring countries.
Power Up Nigeria, educate the populace, improve the economy, provide jobs, reduce corruption, and all other sectors would come to life. Nigerians are a very industrious people, with just a little push you’d be surprised to see how much they can do.
But then, would all these be possible within one week? The world would never know, because I have little interest in politics.


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