The pursuit of happiness

Some people have never really been happy. All their lives they’ve been hoping to one day find happiness. You see them all around you, drenched in misery, the only guests at their pity-party. Some others have a more radical outlook, they seem very cheerful, happy as larks, till they resign for the day, they spend their nights soaking up their pillows in tears as their sorrow engulfs them. All they have is false hope.
They hope for everything, but the present. They hope for a time when everything would become better. When they get that degree, when they land that contract, when they hit that target, when they achieve that milestone, when they get married, when they have kids, when they lose weight. They are almost certain, that they’d be happy as soon as that one thing clicks. Then they wait for it to click. Then “click!”… And nothing happens.
They feel disappointed, saying, but she got that degree and now she’s happy, why am I not happy, even after I got my own degree? They have little knowledge of the fact that happiness comes not from getting a degree, neither does it come from losing weight nor from hitting targets but from within. Sometimes they do experience happiness, which they feel a need to exaggerate. But no matter how hard they try, their happiness dries up like shallow ponds in the harmattan.
In the end, cursed are they who go in pursuit of happiness, for they’ll never find it. For happiness, true happiness comes from within. Happiness is not a destination, it’s a journey. Happiness is not a target that you pursue, happiness defines how you should pursue your targets. Happiness is not a pond that you drink from, it’s a spring that flows within you.

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