Honesty or perfection?

what quality would I admire more in a person? Honesty or perfection? Seems quite obvious. Doesn’t it? Though I like perfection, it can be quite beautiful, it’s what we all dream about. That one time in our life, when everything would be perfect, that one person that would be just like the one we painted in our dreams.
But then reality hits us and soon We learn that Life is no fairytale. We are almost never going to find that person, who is going to be just all we wanted them to be. Shall We resort to our respective privacies and wallow in our disappointment? No.
Life offers us a consolation, a person who’d want to share their world with us, and share ours with them. A person Who needs us not to be perfect, and makes no promise to be perfect for us. A person who wants to live in our world and appreciate the imperfections, likewise wants us to accept their own world and all the imperfections. A person Who believes that our imperfect worlds can merge to form a perfect one.
A person Who though we’ve got gaps and they’ve got gaps too, together we’ve got no gaps. A honest person.
So I’d choose honesty over perfection any day any time.

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