Short. Crazy. Bitch.

There’s a short, crazy bitch I know. The way she comes and goes in the blink of an eye makes me wonder if anybody ever gets enough of her. She’s got ups and downs. She’s got curves and turns. Day and night I labour to find my way around them. Most times I give my best shot, trying to impress. Other times I just fuck the bitch and call it a day. Sometimes she’s good to me. She showers me with love and kindness and some of the good things she’s got to offer. Other times she’s terrible, she makes me sad, she makes me suffer, she does to me the worst of things.
Sometimes she can be so bad, it makes me wonder why she’s being so terrible to me. Sometimes I say it’s because she’s trying to make a man out of me. Other times I think she’s just being, well, bitchy. Sometimes it appears like, no matter how hard I try, I’m just never going to be good enough. So what’s the point trying.
Truth be told I’ve had thoughts of dumping this bitch a number of times. Times when I feel sick of her many shenanigans. But her curves keep me coming back like a hopeless romantic. Between you and me, she could really suck in the least expected ways. Sometimes it feels good to be with her. Other times it feels like hell.
But then again it’s not like I have too many options on my plate. Her sister is just far too ugly. Way more terrible, she’s a snatcher. I think I’d just stick with her, for as long as I can. Let’s see how it goes. In all hopes that she doesn’t leave me either and it gets better from here.
Whatever you do, do not take it too personal, life has never really been fair to anyone. Life is short. Life is crazy. Life is a short, crazy, bitch. And death’s her ugly sister.


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