Who are we?

This is one post that I have tried for so long to piece together, but I’ve never found myself able to drive home the point succinctly. I do hope that the next few paragraphs make a good attempt.
Who are we? What defines a person? What parameter or parameters will suffice to determine the personality of an individual. Can we tell a person by their actions, their words or their thoughts. Or do we set up tests for them and see how they fare. Do we scrutinize their daily lives. What exactly defines a person? Who are we?
Am I a liar if I tell one lie or a string of lies, no matter the circumstances. Am I a good person if I do one or more kind deeds, though it might just be eye service. Am I a thief if I steal just once, or is it if I do it always, no matter the circumstances. Does one singular act of mine define my personality? Who are we?
Can you judge me by my clothes. Is she a slut if she wears skimpy dresses. Am I a thug if I sag my pants. What would you think if I get a tattoo, or she gets piercings? What do you think about my hair do? Can you tell whether I’m responsible or not? Do my clothes and looks define my personality? Who are we?
Can you define me by the company I keep? The words I speak. My thoughts. My actions. My attitude. The things I like. The food I eat. The books I read. The movies I watch. The songs on my most played list. The colour of my skin. The number of friends I have. My twitter or Facebook activity. My Google searches.
Or can you tell by spending time with me? If so then how long would be just enough? To cut a long story short. We cannot judge a book by it’s cover, not even by a few pages. In fact we shouldn’t judge a book. Even God does not propose judgement till the last of a man’s days. So why should you. You’d never know why people act the way they do, if you keep trying to judge them.
So in the end, who are we? We are who we are.


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