Memoirs of rainy days

As I shut the windows to keep the water out. I saw the kids on the street, chanting the words of a poem they barely knew. I knew this because I learnt it at school. I could make out the words, “rain, rain, go away,…” The sound of pouring rain made served as an interlude, then their singing voices returned with, “little children want to play”. These little children knew how to play, running in the rain, playing football, rolling tires, screaming for thunder and posing for lightening.
I remember this one time at granny’s, when it rained really hard. My cousin, my sister and I supposedly under the watchful eyes of my aunt. The rain must have put her to sleep. Before she slept she echoed my mothers instructions, don’t go outside! We replied, “yes auntie.” When the rain had taken full control of the afternoon, making it look like evening, I stood on the sofa and looked out the window watching the rain drops.
I might not have invented the Internet but I am quite creative. I kept myself busy with a game I invented. In this game I watched the rain drops, then I focused between the rain drops for a spot that hadn’t been touched by rain and in less than five seconds a drop would appear, then I’d move to another spot. I called it “between the rain drops.” one day, when it rains and there’s no one to cuddle with you, try it.
Then I heard noises, happy voices, laughter. My sister and my cousin had disobeyed. They had gone into the rain to catch some fun with the neighbourhood kids, little did they know that they’d also catch some cold. I thought about how much momma was gonna get crossed with them, I thought about how my aunt was gonna be really angry when she woke up and I felt sorry for them.
My pity turned into envy, when I saw them take the fun up another notch. There’s a spirit attached to playing in the rain that makes it more fun. I’m not one to not give in to temptation. And so it happened that just before momma arrived and Auntie awoke I was out there with the others, drenched enough for anybody to conclude I had been there all along. I qualified to receive the beating of my life along with the others who had been there all the while. We were kept on our knees for a while. All the time I was on my knees I kept thinking to myself, just a few more seconds of abstinence and I’d have been momma’s boy. But here I am along with these culprits serving punishment.
I returned my gaze to the kids on the street and I wondered why momma wouldn’t just let me play in the rain with them. Then I remembered that of the three of us out there in the rain at granny’s, I caught the worst flu. I wish I could catch the fun without the flu.


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