We cannot out-sin God’s grace.

Do you not believe in God? Do you not say that He is your father? Do you not believe in His forgiveness? Do you not say that His grace is everlasting? Why then do you get beat up over trivialities? Why then do you let a slip or two here and there come between you and Him?

I decline to think God is as petty as most Christians make him to be. Don’t use the F-word, God doesn’t like it. Don’t do this, don’t do that, don’t use the swear word, this, that. When I look at these so called Christians, I don’t see people living out of love of God, I see people living out of fear of hell, out of fear of condemnation, and judgement. The kind of judgement, they pass upon themselves. I see a bunch of people trying to be sanctimonious.

Sometimes it appears like they have lost faith in the forgiveness of God. Why would God condemn you to hell, why would he condemn you for one slip here or there. I want to believe that it is only human to sin. It’s only human to err. If we do not sin, of what use is God’s forgiveness? Of what use is His everlasting grace? Of what use is the dying on the cross? Of what use was the shedding of blood?

Personally if I were God, I’d rather humans sinned and asked for forgiveness, than try so hard to not sin. For all I know that’s what they might be thinking about all day. I think that is what Jesus was trying to emphasize when he talked about the parable of the prodigal son.

It is not a license to go on a sinning spree, we shouldn’t live in sin because grace abounds, yet we should feel free to tap out of this grace. We should not make God look petty, like he takes little things, little faults here and there and blows them out of proportion. They make God seem like a petty housewife.

How could you serve a God, whom you claim is loving and caring and forgiving, yet He condemns you for petty sins. That’s not the God I serve. Far from it. The God I serve has everlasting grace. If you committed a different sin for every second of your life, you cannot out sin God’s grace. It’s everlasting. Get that up your head.


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