The parable of the un-prodigal son.

A man had two sons, one day one of his sons woke up and thought to himself, “this isn’t life, this isn’t the kind of life I want to live, I’m quite certain there’s better pastures out there.” and so it happened that he walked up to his father to ask for his own share of his father’s estate. As he approached his father he developed cold feet, he made a quick turn and instead went to tend the goats and water the fields.

The next day he woke up feeling the same way, with the notion even stronger. He believed he deserved a better life and if his father wasn’t going to die soon enough that he might get his own share of his father’s vast estate he might as well just ask for it while his father lives. After all time was not on his side. He saw his father seated beneath a tree, and wanted to approach him, but he just could not.

This happened the third day, the fourth and it continued for a week. Weeks churned out months and months years. Every single day, he longed for something better. But he just could not summon up the courage to walk up to his father and ask. He was scared of being looked upon as a greedy son, who was only after his father’s wealth.
If only his father would die, he thought to himself. He went out daily to work in the fields, and tend the flock, every passing moment he looked forward to a better life, a life where he had his own share of his father’s estate and he could be out there like his brother enjoying life. He wished he had his borders courage. Years ago his brother was given his share of their fathers vast estate, he set off to a distant land and most assuredly is having th time of his life.

One day after tending the flock and farming the lands, he returned home. As he approached he heard the sound of music emanating from the house. He was curious. Could his father have passed on? He must have been filled with joy. For at last he could get his own share of his father’s vast estate. He picked up speed, when he came across one of the servants he questioned as to what has happened. He was infuriated to find out that it wasn’t his father who was dead, but his brother who had returned. He was even more vexed to find out that a fattened calf was on the menu…

I really don’t have enough time to complete this,…
Hope you get the point anyways.


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