a more logical approach to who we are.

I’ve always wanted to know people, to define them, and where possible predict them. Given the many variables that exist, that seems like an impossibility. How can a person be defined? What parameters would be used? What circumstances would be used? I’ve always thought that people were mere products of the circumstances they found themselves in.
I must have been wrong with that last one. After an interesting discussion with one of the most logical person I’ve ever come across, if not even the most logical, my views had to change.
Who are we? I don’t know. But I do know that given three square meals, clothing, shelter and all the essentials of life and a little more, which is where you’d find yourself if you are reading this, who we are at that point in time, is not us.
The true definition of a person, pops out when he finds himself not in the comfortable, boring middle, but at either extreme. When a person is in desperate need or when they stumble upon gold. It’s not just a question of need, and wealth, virtually anything that pushes a person to a wall, or places them far above others, would suffice to bring out the demons in them, if any.


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