First procedure ever – The pin prick fiasco

I remember the very first procedure I carried out, not like it was epic, but by the reaction of the patient I found quite funny. I was asked to carry out a blood glucose test on the patient and after explaining to her what I was about to do, I proceeded to carry on.
After putting on a pair of gloves I rubbed her left index finger with cotton wool soaked in methylated spirit, I had refused to use the right index finger after noticing that there was a cannula on her right wrist.
I picked a needle and gave her a light prick just enough to let out some blood. From her reaction I think she must have been expecting some sort of pleasurable feeling or there about, and I only too well disappointed her. My bad.
Judging by the speed at which she withdrew her hand, she was vexed that I had injured her and now she was bleeding. I tried to explain to her that, that was the point of the whole procedure, that I needed a drop or two of her blood to place on the glucometer. Apparently, she was in no mood to listen to me, judging by the expression on her face and so I resorted to finishing the procedure as quickly as I could, before she changed her mind altogether, as she did when I was asked to check her pulse, but let’s leave that till another day. I put some blood on the glucometer and I recorded the reading. I cleaned her finger and thanked her for her time.


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