Papers and bullets

As a boy I always had dreams of an ideal world. I believed that one day the world would be a beautiful place, maybe not as splendid as the ones on those Kingdom Hall magazines, but at least, without the hatred and greed that spice up today’s world. Those beliefs were fuelled by the consistent teachings of adults who should have known better than shove the principles of fairness and justice down my juvenile throat.
I would like to believe that since they had been here longer than I have been, they have seen the working of the universe, have gotten a better understanding of it, they owed it to me to lay it out flat, no mincing of words. Instead they went ahead teaching me to, “be nice”, “share my toys”, “wait for my turn”,
I’d also like to place a blame or two on childish naivety and thank it for finally setting me free, now I can see for myself and I has dawned on me that such gobbledygook principles do not apply. At best, they are ideals, lofty goals to aspire to. The truisms of today’s world are more along the lines of, “chasing paper” while “dodging bullets”.
We should have been taught things like, one should not walk a straight line while dodging bullets.


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