The polytheistic alternative


My position on religion really baffles me. Sometimes I cannot say what I really am. I’ve not really taken time to study many religions, I know just a little about the ones I see around, Christianity and Islam. They have quite some similarities and differences too. For one they both believe in the principle of one god. Although one of them tries to slice theirs into three. 
Talking about monotheism; is one god really enough? how is it possible that one god can handle all our issues? When trouble comes the monotheistic ideology can only go as far as saying, “he giveth and he taketh” and “it’s no use questioning the will of god” which raises the question, who else is in the questioning business? Or is there life on Mars after all? And if we don’t question, who will? Besides, just as you would not expect a general practitioner to solve everyone’s health issues, it’s only logical to not expect one jack of all trade god to be a master of all of the problems that plague humanity.
But taking a polytheistic or even pantheistic approach, what happens when tragedy comes? Why do the gods even allow tragedy find us? Using my doctor analogy, here we go; when u have a problem with your urethra you go see a urologist, however if you go to your urologist for a glaucoma, expect to come out blind.
And there is some good news, just as you have taken it upon yourself to micro target your health issues; glaucoma, ophthalmologist; STD, gynaecologist; etc, you owe it to your spiritual life if you believe in that to micro target the problems that come with having one, there are specialist gods scattered everywhere thanks to the Greeks, the Romans and most of all the Africans.
For instance, sick of being on #teamsingle, see aphrodite or cupid, your boss has been posting you off and you’d like to have him struck by thunder, talk to thor or sango, plagued by chicken pox, sonpona has your back, you are about to get hit by a truck, ogun should be able to manage though he majored in iron, aluminium should be no trouble.
Simply put whatever the situation maybe, there’s a god on call, waiting to dive in to your rescue 😉


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