Dance like a monkey


We never knew we had tails until they held us by them and asked us to dance like monkeys. And for eight weeks we danced like monkeys. In the rain, in the sun, we weathered every storm, dancing like monkeys.
Out there its different, it’s not like the first when there’s a lot of moral support from all angles. This time, it was every man and his God. Never in a persons life, could he ever feel more alone. Even your shadow would get busy looking for ways to desert you.
After coming this far, and having a positive outcome, I can say, it was not a totally bad experience, lessons were learnt, characters were built, and this would go a long way into affecting the kind of people we become.
In the end I say, it takes real courage for a man to lay down his life for his country, war veterans, indeed deserve medals of honour, but only after those that pass medical school resits have gotten theirs. Any idiot can pass professional exams, it takes real guts to pass the resits.


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