No country for nice guys.

Yesterday, I was told by a friend about how she fell in love with a dude. It was kind of funny as she was already in a relationship with some other guy and had been doing some sort of two timing, “sort of”.
In the end we both arrived at the confirmation of the age old maxim, “girls love jerks”. Not that the guy is a jerk, I’ve never met with him before. But part of her narrative of their first encounter was a fiasco which included her begging him to the point of tears and even going as far as getting on her knees. Subsequently whenever they met he’d apologise for the fiasco. So you see he really is not a jerk. But at least that day he was being a jerk. Until guys like me learn to add some “jerkism” into our lives, we’re prolly not gonna know any love.
No love for nice guys.


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