My android experience


It’s been ten months since I got my first Android device. A Samsung galaxy tab 2 10.1. Between now and then it’s been an experience. At this point I really can’t help but confess that android offers one of the best user experience on mobile. No apologies to the other operating systems out there. If you want to know why, just read on;

Android offers a very open OS, which means users can customize their devices to taste. For every functionality, there are a number of applications users can choose from. They are not forced to go with what the company thinks is good. For crying out loud, I paid money for a device, I should be able to use it, how I please. And Google agrees with me.

Unlike IOS that comes only on the iphone, android comes on a wide range of devices from a wide range of companies across different countries. You are not stuck with any manufacturer, you pick.

Android can be pretty much cheap. If you want you can go for the very expensive models from Samsung or HTC or low cost versions from techno. And in between there’s plenty of options to choose from.

Though not the largest at the moment, android has the fastest growing app market, soon to be the largest. There’s an app for virtually everything. If you can think it, someone has done it. Just visit play store.

Super user access.
Users are free to root their devices if they want super user access to their devices. His allows them even more customizations. Although I like to warn that rooting makes all warranty invalid. Do that at your own peril.


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