Lost in lagos.


You are lost in lagos. Those were the words she said to me when I revealed my inability to understand my native language. I tried to explain that I’ve lived most of my life in lagos and my parents are of different tribes. Apparently it made no difference as she went on to reiterate her line, this time with a grin on one side of her face, “you are lost in lagos”!
I like her and I wanted to get to know her I wanted to know much about her. I wanted to gather enough facts, facts that I could use in my escapade as I was going to venture on an amorous journey with her, sooner or later.
But that didn’t seem to be what mattered now. She seemed to be trying to understand why I couldn’t speak my native tongue. I was scared because I had her attention but it was in the wrong place. I was scared that if it went on this way, I’d end up in the dreaded friend zone.
I tried to not talk much, to keep my calm and seem like a boss. It was beginning to work. I was acting like I didn’t care. She stopped staring at me like an alien from outer space. She was finally beginning to adjust to my countenance, I was winning. Soon I’d be the one and only captain of this ship.
It’s a man’s world, why should I walk up to a babe to chyke her and she goes all,” are you ibo?”, so you can’t speak your language? On Me. Only to find out that I couldn’t. And then she decides to make a storm in a tea cup out of it. Haba! Babe take your place and submit to me, I am D_chyke!
Ok, I was actually lost in lagos, in no time another babe came around and before I could make a proper introduction they were rapping in igbo and I stood there in the middle, lost. Or not yet. The worst as I soon learnt, was yet to come…


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