Keep calm, it’s only December.


As Christmas be coming, airtel be “paraing”, Etisalat be chopping our money, ASUU be striking, girls be getting pregnant, everybody eyaff calm down, no more, “elegushi loading” , “KFC thinz” , “shop rite on my mind”, “dubai in a bit”, “Newyork was fun”, all of them have go their papa house. Jonathan be threatening, ASUU chairman be laughing, universities be sacking, students eyaff forget their matric number, now they be cramming. It’s only December.
People be betting, barca be losing, people be vexing. Arsenal be winning, fans be happy, man u be losing, the middle of the table their new house, their fans be shouting, “Ferguson must return”, I be asking, “as what? As mascot?” nobody send my side. It’s only December.
NEPA be getting worse, techno be pinging, apple be innovating, Samsung be copying, nokia be carrying last, blackberry eyaff comot for market. Everybody is happy, because they are pinging. Boko haram be bombing, kidnappers be kidnapping, PDP be dividing, the old PDP and the new PDP, the masses be confused. Oduah be buying 225M naira car, we no know who she is fearing.  It’s only December.


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