Why men are from Mars and women from Earth.


I’ve heard just about enough of it all of it. All that talk about girls being super heroes and stuff like that. I get it, ladies deserve some credit, but the real super heroes on this planet are those with balls, of course not those ones y’all out on your chest to confuse us.

So girls bleed for days, carry babies in their tummies for months only to have them rip out their vjayjays, and still nurse them, walk around all day with strings in their asses, wear heels as high as Everest, babysit, cook clean and talk on phones at a time, carry heavy shopping bags, go weeks on just vegetables, survive heart breaks, burn their heads with curling irons and still not complain, watch their love be with someone else, cry all night and still wake up the next day looking like everything is okay,…

But to think of it, the only credit y’all deserve is for your contributions towards the survival of our species; getting pregnant, childbirth and all that comes along with doing all that. Big shout out to y’all ladies for that. But that’s all. That’s just all that’s got any weight attached to it. The rest is purely unnecessary.

-Come on, why walk with a string in your ass when you can do without it?
-why wear Mt Everest high heels, are you trying to whisper to God?
-Why babysit, cook, clean and talk on the phone at a time, when you could plan properly and space them all out. Besides we all know that the phone talk is just useless gossip about what’s happening with the new neighbours.
-Of course you’d have to live on just veggies for a damn week or even more, remember when he took you out on a date and you ordered the entire menu, well let’s just say karma finally found your address.
-Survive heart breaks? Ever heard of a guy that committed suicide after a heart break? Hardly. But girls? Their tales litter the Internet.
-Burn your heads with curling irons? If you must take a curling iron to your head, you should be prepared to live with the damn possible complications. And don’t even act like you do it to look good for the guys. Last I heard, y’all ladies don’t dress to impress guys, y’all dress to impress yourselves, spurring unnecessary jealousy and envy which our world would only be better off without. So don’t even complain!
-Watch the love of your life be with someone else? Come on girl, ever heard about the friend zone. It’s worse than jail! You get to watch the love of your life be with lots of other someones, she tells you about them and how each one is treating her badly and she wouldn’t even give you a chance. It’s the worst kind of torment.
-Cry all night? After making all your bad choices? Why not? But then again guys cry too…. Or No they don’t, which is actually what makes them stronger, to feel bad and not be able to let it out. Y’all should be happy it is socially acceptable for you to cry. And just when you are done crying to the poor brother you friend zoned you damn well better wake up looking like everything is alright!


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