Complex creatures that are never wrong.

The Random Thoughts

Women are complex creatures, I don’t care who you are, your race, your social status, your age, you just cannot win an argument with a woman because a woman is never wrong.  You see, it’s been proven that women use up to 50000 words a day while men use just 5000 a day. See, during the day, a man uses up all his 5000 words on business calls, meetings, after hours beer time with friends. Getting home, he’s got just 100 words left. Now a woman can be on the phone with her friend for half of the day, yell at her kids, her neighbors, colleagues and still not use up to half of her daily 50000 words. This is why they’re able to make everything our fault even when we’re innocent.

Here’s a conversation between me and my girlfriend

Gf: Hey.

Me: Hey baby, how was your…

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