Sentenced to die by…


My names are… nevermind. No need for that. I’d soon be dead anyway. I’ve been convicted without a trial. I’ve been judged, sentenced and condemned to die. The time, place and manner of my execution is unknown to me. I just know that any moment from now I could be dead. Any moment could be my last.
Between now and when it finally comes I stop to think about it. I ask myself questions. How did I get here? How did I come this far? What did I do? Why did I do what I did? There are more questions than answers. I almost go crazy when I realsize, I wasn’t even guilty. I’m just a victim of circumstances. Arrested. Convicted. Judged. Sentenced. Condemned. To die for a sin I know nothing about.
They say it was a sin I had inherited, they say it is a mortal sin and so I must die. I must die though I’m still unborn. Yet to even live. What troubles me more is not knowing. Not knowing the where, how and when. I’d have to live each day like it were my last, only because it could be my last.


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