Push to reset.


After almost ten months of being of great service, my tab decided to start malfunctioning. All of a sudden apps started failing. The tab moved from being slow to completely hanging. It was frustrating. Then it demands a reset. Yes a reset. The kind of reset where I lose all my data including my contacts, messages everything. I declined.
The next time I put it on, all my songs were gone. It looks like the request was just courtesy. My tab had gone on with or without my approval. Next my pictures. Like seriously. Who knows what’s next. Frantically, I took out my SIM card and my SD card which was already empty as I’d soon discover and proceeded to reset my device. So much for all the strongheadedness earlier on. And that was it. The price I had to pay for a cleaner, faster device. šŸ˜‰
The feeling of starting afresh was so good, the timing impeccable. To think of it, what if we had a reset button that we could use. Every last day of the year we used it. By new year we would not need resolutions, for we would be anew already. No negativity and hardfeelings from the previous year. No sadness, no worries. Just a clean slate to begin with. Or maybe we do.. but we just don’t know it. Feel free to use your reset button today! šŸ˜‰


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