I don’t believe in revolutions, I think they cost too much and are overrated. I believe the best revolutions are those that begin from within, not external agitation motivated by opposition.
I don’t believe in love at first sight. I don’t see how it’s possible to love someone at first sight. You may love their body, their walk, their hair, their eyes. But not them. I believe that love is something that grows slowly. I believe that the best love is that which comes in ways we least expect.
I don’t believe in religion and philanthropy. To me, these are just ways by which a few people sanctimonious as they are step out to make others feel bad about the way they are. I believe that true philanthropy comes from not being greedy. Not from amassing all that there is and then apportioning to whoever we want thereby playing God. And true religion preaches love not condemnation. True religion doesn’t threaten you with hell and charge you for heaven.
I think love can be highly overrated sometimes, so is the power of the tongue. Maybe by saying things, we push them to happen. But to tell me that something bad happened only because I said it. That’s bullshit.
I don’t believe in prayers. I see no good that can come out of talking to a wall, no matter how loud. I believe that the best forms of prayers are the things we do. The actions we take towards achieving our goals.
I don’t believe in routine. I don’t see why life should be so predictable. A little surprise here and there helps make life more interesting.
I don’t believe in formal education. I think it’s the governments way of keeping us in check. So we don’t know our real abilities. They decide what we learn and what we don’t.
I think that show me your friend and I’d tell you who you are is highly overrated.
I believe in individuality and the diversity it brings. The colours it adds to our lives.
I don’t believe in arguments. There’s never a winner. Only two losers. The one that loses the argument and the one that loses a friend. I believe in openness of mind. In acceptance of others without loss of self.
I think winning is overrated. Especially in terms of what is to be won.
I believe in luck, but not in the conventional sense of the word. I believe that most times people mistake opportunity and preparedness as luck. I believe in luck that comes from being prepared to snatch up an opportunity as soon as it arrives. I believe in luck, that’s why I make my own.


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