The prison called freedom.


We are prisoners of our freedom in prisons of our own choices. I’m sure ladies would relate pretty much with this scenario; ever wanted to attend an event you opened your wardrobe or closet and you just couldn’t decide what to wear. You might end up saying, “I have nothing to wear” but in reality you do. In fact the problem is your have too much to wear. And you can’t make up your mind.
I got this nice theme for my Android tablet, it gave a Windows 8 phone look to my device. It was very nice. It was fully customizable and that would soon be my problem with it.
Hours after hours, days after days, I found myself editing and customizing and adjusting the look of the theme, I was rearranging the tiles and doing all sorts. I became obsessed. I did nothing else, I wouldn’t even study for an important exam though I was lagging in almost all the courses. I became a prisoner of my choices. And in this case I had too many choices.
And that’s one sad thing about life, we want choices, options, freedom. We want to be able to do as we wish. We want to be limitless. And it’s good. It’s beautiful. It’s a nice feeling, until we over do it.
Then we are consumed trying to choose, decide, make up our minds. We spend so much time at it we never really get to make up our minds, like the proverbial chicken that never got to cross the road. And in the end our many options are all things but enough for us.
And then we crave more options, only adding acres to our prison.


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