As the world goes flat.


The earth may still be round, but not GUIs. As far as I can remember, nokia was one of the first to experiment with the flat UI. It was in fact the most noticeable adjustment made to their symbian OS “belle”.
Though most of us didn’t know it, that was the beginning of a new era in graphic user interfaces.
Microsoft went all out with the style in their windows phone designs, android hopped on it, apple tried to be conservative and stick to their skeuomorphism, but in the end had to bow to the wind of change. Today we have lots of websites, applications and operating systems all going flat.
Back in the days with the introduction of the GUIs it was imperative to make interactive buttons stand out, so users could discern items that were interactive from those that were not. Buttons had to look real so users would know they were supposed to click on them, icons were made to look as real as possible.
Today, however, things have changed our tech IQ has increased and designers have made pretty much everything interactive. Hence the flat UI comes into play.
From nokia belle, to Windows Phone 7 and above, to android to ios 7 and even Firefox OS sports the flat GUI. Most applications and websites have embraced the system. To the user its beautiful, simple, sleek, functional, fast and light. That’s like every users wet dream for an application. And the flat ui offers just that.


3 thoughts on “As the world goes flat.

  1. right know every web application am using save one is adopting the flat ui. will send u a link to one i just finished. windows 8 inspired

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