And they said Usain Bolt was fast.


I could swear I did not see his legs touch the ground. One minute he was there, the next he was gone. I tell you Usain bolt has got nothing on this guy. But it wasn’t his fault a nigger was only trying to hustle for his daily bread.
But those LASTMA people sef, dey get their own for body. Haba!
The new year is all up in our faces and all man dey try hustle like mad. There’s reckless buying and even more reckless selling. LASTMA officers did not want to be left out, so they stepped out to “enforce the law”.
Every once in a while they come to remind everyone that trading in traffic is a crime.
Just yesterday somewhere in falolu, surulere, they approached traffic traders acting like they wanted to buy, as soon as they lay hands on the goods, they toss them into their van and if you try to complain they’d take you along.
So this young nigger selling rat traps, got up close, close enough to the officers, soon enough he’d know he was walking into a trap set for him.
But then again this guy had the brain of a rat, first he smelt trouble, like a rat, he could sense it, he felt it, and finally he saw it. When he noticed the items, in the van, nobody told him. He fled, like he was never there.
All that remained was the cheering crowd and the tape and medals, because most definitely, this guy had broken Bolt’s record!


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