The Virtue Called Anger.


We are taught not to get angry, that anger is a vice that we would only be better off without. But sincerely there are times when we really do need anger. Times when speaking softly is not going to get the job done. Times when we need to step out of our comfort zones into a realm unknown by many, even us.
Anger in itself is not bad. We do need small doses of anger almost daily. It serves as a useful tool in getting along with those we come in contact with.
In that brisk moment when we let ourselves lose it, we indulge in a few moments of madness, we express ourselves in ways that we never may have been able to, we say the bitter truth. In that moment, brisk as it is, we are brave, and unstoppable.
The danger lies in when we let the tool take control of us, like when you lose control of a car. Then it makes you do and say things that you would later come to regret. The unnecessary name calling, the strikes. The escalation of what would have been a simple revelation of our most bitter feelings into a full blown out of control madness.
Then I’d leave you with these few words, “he who angers you that much, conquers you”


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