The Parable Of The Un-prodigal Son. Part 2.


The un-prodigal son was full of rage and anger and disappointment. Feeling betrayed he walked up to his father to inquire about the ongoing celebration. His father came out to him with a smile on his face saying, “your brother, who was lost has returned, come, join us, celebrate.
Outraged, he tried to explain to his father that it was only unfair for a party to be thrown at the return of his lost brother. For his brother had gone away to squander his own share of his father’s estate while he stayed behind to do all the work.
Looking back at that parable, the question bugs me, which of the two brothers would I really want to be. The one who wanted to go out and” live” for a while or the one who actually did go out to live for a while.
It is good that while we are here in earth we make time to get lost, make mistakes, do wrong, because only then can we understand forgiveness, love and true good. Only then can we understand the abundant grace of God.


4 thoughts on “The Parable Of The Un-prodigal Son. Part 2.

  1. I read both parts of the post above and I’m awed at the beautiful way you succintly remind everyone of the Agape kind of love. To err is human, yeah right and until we err, we can’t understand that to forgive is divine. Good job! I pray you God gives you the grace to continue to keep your heart vigilant at all times so that more issues of life will flow from it to your blog. Amen.

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