Redesigning Education For The Contemporary World

Boring title, I know.

It’s sad though that I have come to add my voice to the many before me. For real though our education system is fvcked up and needs some overhauling. It’s been ailing for a long time and is finally giving up the ghost. Look around you, what good can you see coming out of the education we receive these days. Young people can barely cope with life’s challenges using the education they receive they hop out of school after nearly two decades of institutionalization only to discover that life is a different ball game entirely. They are almost no different from cons in high security prisons – from the uniforms to the strict regimen and the stereotyped way of living, where is the difference?

Our educational system mostly applauds those with good memory; to excel and be recognized, students have to cram, and pour out what they have crammed in exam halls then they forget it all. The content of our education leaves so much to be desired. Yes, at some point in time we get to solve for “X”, like let’s say, taxes are being raised  by a given percentage, you want to know what you’d have to pay, that becomes “x” you put the other variables together, and you solve for x. But for the love of the Almighty God, who the hell needs calculus? Never in my life have I ever had to differentiate or integrate, I don’t even know who invented that shit. It’s a sorry ass waste of our time

Young folks need to learn life skills, not to be burdened with homework till they can’t tell their right from their left. They need to learn ways in which they can apply themselves to society and solve the challenges that society poses.

They need to learn about the middle class and social stratification, unemployment and hunger, they need to understand why countries go to war. Why children get sold as slaves and women have no rights. They need to know that hearts get broken and bad things happen to good people – and bad people and mass killings are not the way out. Why they are exposed to so much nudity and profanity and shows that dumb their brains. They need to learn how they can contribute to society from a very young age. They need to stop being lied to that they are the leaders of tomorrow, because tomorrow never comes.

They need to learn about racism and apartheid and civil wars and terrorism. Make them understand the basics of child abuse, human trafficking and disasters – both manmade and natural. There should be classes on slavery and revolutions and uprisings. No matter how hard we try we cannot deny the inalienability of these facets of human existence. As long as the earth is round and it rotates on its axis and revolves around the sun, there would always be white and black people and as long as there are white and black people there would always be racism – whether we like it or not. They need to learn about corruption and crime, injustice and greed because these are the things that they would come to face when they get thrown out to society.

I say thrown out because that is what it really is. A good number of people refuse to get thrown out that’s why they stay back climbing academic ladders, bagging PhDs in various areas of study, so they continue enjoying the succor that educational institutions have to offer- we call them professors and academicians and we even celebrate them for adding bulk to the volumes that coming generations would have to cram.

Those that have no choice usually end up overwhelmed by the challenges they have to face they become depressed or psychotic and we lock them up in another institution and we say they are not fit for society. They’re fit for society, just not this one. In fact this is not society, this is a failed experiment and we should abort at once!

Our educational system needs to be opened up a little more, we need to bridge the gap between the formal and the informal, the white collar and the blue collar. Over the past few decades the greatest advancements in human existence has come from a hybrid of both worlds. Young people with good education get their hands dirty doing good work, learning trades and combining professions and vocations and they build the next big thing. Young people need to be taught to get their hands dirty. They need to discover themselves and the world around them, to follow their passions. They need to be allowed to create solutions for the challenges they face, and learn to fight life’s battles in their very own ways. But how can they do all these when they are burdened with homework.


One thought on “Redesigning Education For The Contemporary World

  1. Wow. Boring title, maybe, maybe not; it’s a piece I’d assume was borne out of the juxtaposition of one’s observation of the present day educational system with the reminiscences of the four walls of classroom described to us by our parents.
    Beautiful piece, very much spiced up with opinions that exude ingenuity and deep contemplation. Awesome job, new friend! I’m glad I din’t read a mere write-up, it’s didactic as well. Keep up the good job!

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