Dreaming Her Dreams

Featured imageThey say one of the best feelings in the world is waking up next to the person you love. Kissing them just as they are waking up.

As I slowly phase out of REM sleep, switching from dream to reality. I almost crack a smile because the first sight I behold is a beautiful one, draped in a blanket, still enjoying her dream – I guess. The radiance of her face as the golden yellow sun of the morning falls upon it by unrelenting rays that made it through the thick blue curtain light up my heart.

I run my hand across her face to push back some strands of hair, so I can get a clearer view of her glowing face, down her shoulders to fell the warmth, her waist and a little lower to tap that fresh, early morning current. I almost feel like for that moment I have her to myself; no worries, arguments or questions just us – before the day breaks and snatches her away from me.

I lay stealthily, waiting for that moment just when she opens her eyes so I can ambush her and steal that kiss – those few seconds of wait feel like eons. Time slows down, one heart beat seems to take a year and suddenly it seems like I’m running on cannabis.  I can almost smell her dreams

If only I could have this moment for life. Because in this moment it’s just us. No talks about the events of the previous day, nor plans for the future or ways we’ve hurt each other. There is just “the quiet strum of pulmonary rhythms synced by sleeping close to each other and love. Yes love. So much love.” – I can almost hear her dreams.

For these seconds albeit, brief, she is mine alone – the sound she makes with every breathe she takes sounds like an un-composed symphony, the way she yawns in a crescendo and then she stretches as she decrescendos I know she is about to come awake.

It’s a few seconds that feel like years and I love it at least until my stupid roommate yells, Baba olowo, no school for you today?” – I should kill that guy really. – I don’t blame him, he doesn’t have someone to dream of that’s why.

I wake up, and she is nowhere around me. Her chats from the conversation we had the previous night the only thing I have to console me – and when I read it she said, “sleep tyt, dream of me” – And yes I did – I dreamt her dream.


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