Mixed signals or….

It is not only guys that have trouble discerning mixed signals. Girls do too. Wouldn’t it be nicer if we all came out straight and asked questions if we got stuck. Life is really short.

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So there’s this guy, i met on twitter, he seems quite nice and he is just so fine , he flirts with me now and then but its like an on and off kind of thing ( which is very annoying) , and me being the girl that i am flirt with him but he never seems to notice, and i just ASSUMED he didn’t like me and was just ‘not that into me’ . Until a few days ago, we were just talking and i type ‘so’ and then he types something about hows he wants to sleep and me being an ignoramus actually thinks he means sleep ( you know how when you’re chatting on twitter in your DM’s and you send a message just when another comes through but you didn’t see it until you sent that message ) that what happened to me!!!   So anyway, he…

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