All Good Things Come To End

Featured imageI still remember where we began.

I found love in your smile

The occasional glitter in your eyes

Moments we shared entirely alone

We thought we had something special

Our mutual imperfections, made us perfect

My pulse did echo your name

We were indeed a little weird

Everything else became an illusion

I assumed our love was indestructible

We had ourselves but wanted more

I just wanted to be happy

You just wanted to be, iono…

I was both happy and sad.

I couldn’t wait to be happy.

I love you, I can wait.

It was a war in my mind

I thought I was getting better.

Many days on which I pondered

And searched Ways to reach you

Wrong number said the familiar voice

I became my own worst enemy

When did you stop being enough?

This never really was true love.

We’re just lost souls aren’t we?

My thoughts needed an off switch

Quiet people have the loudest minds

My memory did not help matters

I don’t know how to forget

It was killing me slowly everyday

Sometimes I don’t even understand myself

Nobody will ever fully understand me.

You never knew the real me.

I chose change for the better

Will you still love me tomorrow?

And after awhile it stopped hurting

Tonight I’m just here counting stars

Lost in my own little world

I still think of you sometimes

I really missed the old us.

If only I hadn’t been silent

People remember us, but we don’t

All good things come to end

Or maybe it is just that

Some things are made for ending

Every hello ends with a goodbye

Nothing lasts forever, but then I…


4 thoughts on “All Good Things Come To End

  1. Wow! Wow! Wow! “Quiet people have the loudest minds…” I love this! Very good a piece.
    Hey. You should write more poems oh. I’d read and learn at the master’s feet.

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