Say it. Please.

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They both lay beside each other
Looking with intensity
Lots running through their mind – hearts racing
Both are speechless and exhausted from all that making out
Waiting and hoping the other will speak first
In their hearts they only want to hear just three words from each other.
They are shy to say it because they are afraid of what the response will be
They don’t want to sound needy or clingy
They don’t want it to end and they are afraid that if they speak about what they feel it might ruin what they have – they don’t know what they have.
They continue to look deeply into each other’s eyes but won’t say a word.
They wonder if their romance will take them anywhere.
Or will it just make them fall deeply into their true feelings
It’s time to go but none wants to leave
Cause that when it dawns on them that what they have is temporary till one of them finds something serious in the arms of another and their romance would be nothing but a memory.
All it takes is three words and eight letters to transform their status to something more official – But none would speak.
They both lay beside each other, looking with intensity.
Both wanting to hear the other say, “I love you”.

This was written by my friend, Emmy.


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