What #TheDress can Teach Us About Arguments And Perhaps Why Nations Go To War.

So I woke up to the cacophonous jabbering of boys yelling on top of their voices, at first I thought it was another one of those trademark fires the compound had become known for, I hurried out to see which rooms were getting roasted… but no it was not a fire, at least not this time.

Instead boys were out on all floors in heated debates and no, again, it was not about arsenal’s dismal loss to Monaco earlier that week.

It was about an evil, a new kind of evil that had pervaded our online space and had “surprisingly” found its way to our organic discussions – #TheDress

Featured image
Le Evil Dress

It was fun watching them argue, each trying to out-shout the other as if that would help shove their opinion down the throats of the other.

“All of you that see black and blue are bastards!” yelled one

Are you mad? Where did you see white or gold?” another voice replied with venom

“Mumu! Abi shey na because Monaco beat una black and blue make you come dey see black and blue.” Hmmm, that was a little too personal.

“Is your father mad? How can you be seeing white and gold?” Like the fact that ones father was born out of wedlock or not affected the rods and cones that produced vision.

“All of una don mad, no be pink and green I dey see so?” That one is a clown, ignore him.

“That dress dey ugly sef, even Trey Songz sef talk am!” – Oh well…

As I watched the exchange of curses enough to last them a life time and even spill over to their offsprings, I smiled in acknowledgement. I smiled because they have brought to light, the good reasons I do not engage in verbal debates. – They are a sad way to waste ones time.

I learnt early enough that arguing with another person who has his or her mind caked up and perceptions unchangeable was like wrestling with a pig, you get all tired and dirty and the stupid pig takes all the fun. As a rule I don’t.

Most people find it utterly annoying, a few find it really cool. I understand why it is annoying, because when you make an objectionable statement, you want the other person to counter it so that you would then go on to lay down your points and snatch the victory as you have prepared for it.

By not arguing, I deny you that opportunity. By not arguing, I make your efforts towards preparing for the debate all in vain. Sometimes, I make it worse, I agree with you out rightly.

– that shii is painful, I know. And I’m not sorry – Not at all. *evil laugh*

There are reasons I don’t argue, one because I believe that in every debate both parties have some point they just need to put their pieces together to form a clearer picture.

In arguments there are no winners…

– only losers, the one that loses the argument and the one that loses a friend. Because take it or leave it, every time you floor a friend in an argument, he resents you.

Thirdly, you really cannot change people’s perception as you would see with the dress.

Again it’s like trying to teach a pig how to dance shoki, it only annoys the pig and wastes your time. Or is it the other way round. 

Try all you want, those that see black and blue would see black and blue and those that see white and gold, would see just that. A few others that see pink and green would see pink and green – yet some others just look and all they see is an ugly gown and they don’t even bother about the colour.

Now that #TheDress deal is done and dusted we can have this to fuel or debates at least until another evil dress resurfaces.

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