Women empowering women

GENO Hope Alive Foundation

Hey people,

I’m pretty sure everyone has simmered down the heat of the Presidential elections that took place the past weekend. Lord, this is the most Nigerians have ever been involved with politics since the MKO Abiola era, it’s pretty amusing and amazing to observe as each person wants to air their views on #NigeriaDecides.

Anyway, this post is not about the elections but a great mind I had the opportunity of meeting and talking to. She is so vibrant and filled with dreams to impact other women. Be it as it may that the meeting was an informal one, I do wish I had been able to properly interview her, I’d do that some other time, I hope.

Let’s go on to what I have the permission to share from the tiny details I could gather. Her name is Gloria Enwenna. She is young, warm hearted and…

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